Stop Motion Animated GIFs


Inspired by Katharina Fritsch‘s Group of Figures (2006-08) on view in the sculpture garden at MoMA


MTA mask signs
Inspired by the MTA’s “Mask Force” and “Safe Travels” subway signage (2020)


This was my first time working with stop motion animation and I enjoyed the entire process, from ideation to posting my GIFs on giphy.

The task of setting up my scenes was the most time consuming aspect of this project. I imagined that stop motion animation would be tedious; planning and patience are key!

I learned how to use the tripod and DSLR camera that I borrowed from the ER, as well as animation and editing techniques in Stop Motion Studio. The lighting conditions in my apartment were not ideal, so I did my best to work with a spare lamp around the house.

I used the same set up to create both scenes and filmed multiple takes (at 12 FPS). Once I got the hang of moving the figurines, adjusting the lens (the DSLR was tricky), and capturing the shots in the order that I wanted, the process became much quicker to replicate with precision.

I bought clay/ crafting supplies and plastic figurines from Artists & Craftsman Supply in Park Slope. It was fun to roam the aisles in search of “stuff” to animate.

I look forward to playing around with stop motion animation some more with all the left over clay…

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