By Dave Currie & Ami Mehta Concept Net-Natyam is a hybrid training system and performance platform that explores the relationships between music, machine learning, and movement through electronic sound composition, pose estimation techniques, and classical Indian dance choreography. Net-Natyam uses three ml5.js machine learning models (PoseNet, Handpose, and Facemesh) and a webcam to detect theContinue reading “Net-Natyam”

Final Project Overview

Ami Mehta + Dave Currie Concept Bharatanatyam is a form of classical Indian dance that involves using complex footwork, hand gestures, and facial expressions to tell stories. The dance is traditionally accompanied by Carnatic music and an orchestra consisting of a mrdangam drum, a flute, and cymbals among other instruments. This project uses machine learningContinue reading “Final Project Overview”

Sound Synthesis

Body Horror Instrument This week I had the chance to explore sound synthesis in p5.js with Ibrahim. We were both interested in the idea of creating our own instruments. Given the creative freedom with this project, we imagined an unconventional instrument which subverts our typical associations between body parts and sounds. We wanted to incorporateContinue reading “Sound Synthesis”

Understanding Comics

Comics and Ways of Seeing Scott McCloud’s book Understanding Comics is an enlightening read about the mechanics and theory of the medium. While I have always loved graphic novels (e.g. Persepolis) and grew up with a Marvel-obsessed older brother, I have never analyzed cartoons in depth. Comics and Art History I appreciated McCloud’s historical overviewContinue reading “Understanding Comics”